Quiz: Whose Style Do You Subconsciously Admire?

In a world filled with endless celebrity gossip and centered on the Internet where anonymous punches are constantly thrown, it’s all too easy to judge the stars in our orbit. We all have those celebs that we can’t get enough of, but it’s the ones we “can’t stand” that we waste all our airtime on. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Well, someone once told me that an obsession like that is often rooted in jealousy—the uglier cousin of admiration. Perhaps some of the stars that really annoy us do so simply because we envy their specific brand of bravado, and style is often the number one vehicle for announcing that brand to the world. The ladies in our quiz today have all been criticized endlessly for the clothes they wear (among other things). So why not find out which celeb you might actually admire—beneath your surface judgments—for taking some fashion risks totally unlike your own?

Keep scrolling to answer the questions and find out your result!


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1. Which snack are you most likely to choose?

2. Which dress would you love to wear?

3. Which pattern are you most drawn to?

4. Which pair of shoes do you like the most?

5. What workout have you always wanted to try?

6. Which bag would you rather carry around?

7. What music genre do you listen to most?

8. Which pair of sunglasses do you prefer?

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